Anne Morriss

GenePeeks is a genetic research company that owns and runs Matchright, a simulation that determines the probability of genetic disorders being present in a child given two people's DNA.

GenePeeks simulates the combination of genetic sequences of two people and predicts potential diseases and inherited disorders to find good recipient matches for sperm donors. By simulating the process of reproduction with the two DNA sequences, the company's software (called Matchright) forms a hypothetical child genome to determine the likelihood of the resulting child developing one of around 600 conditions. The technology is currently aimed at sperm banks; the first users will be at two fertility clinics in the United States, one of which is Manhattan Cryobank in New York City.

The software creates around 10,000 virtual genomes for each donor-recipient pair, and typically rules out 10-15% of donors as bad matches for the recipient. Currently it only searches for single gene genetic conditions, but the company plan to expand the software to look for multiple gene diseases like diabetes and heart disease.

Anne Morriss, Lee Silver
New York City