Jane Dutton

Jane Dutton is a South African broadcast journalist, who worked for Al Jazeera English.

In July 2018 Jane joined eNCA presenting her show Tonight with Jane Dutton in the 8pm weekday slot which is broadcast from Johannesburg.

Jane was with Al Jazeera from September 2005, in the run-up to the launch of the station, until June 29, 2018, when she left to return to South Africa.

She was based at the main broadcast-centre, in Doha in Qatar. Due to family commitments, she later specialised in studio-based journalism. She was one of the key anchors at the station and her work ranged from news-reading, to hosting studio-based interview programmes and to voice-overs and continuity.

As a news-correspondent, Jane covered stories in the United States, in Europe and in her native Africa, from South Africa to Egypt.

As the host of studio-based talk-shows, Jane was a regular host of Inside Story, the daily programme that analyses a topical issue from the news, with the aid of guests from inside and outside the country in question. She was also a host for the weekly programme Inside Syria, that analyses recent developments in the war-torn country.