Jeff Sutherland

Dr. Jeff Sutherland is one of the creators of the Scrum software development process. Together with Ken Schwaber, he created Scrum as a set of processes at OOPSLA'95. Sutherland helped to write the Agile Manifesto in 2001. He is a writer of The Scrum Guide.

Sutherland is a graduate of the United States Military Academy, a Top Gun of his USAF RF-4C Aircraft Commander class. He flew more than one hundred missions over North Vietnam. After 11 years in the military he became a doctor at the University of Colorado School of Medicine. Here he got involved in data collection and IT systems development.

Jointly with Yosi Amram, Sutherland developed NewsPage at, one of the first publishers of news on the internet. The news engine used a lexical parsing system.

Scrum is a framework for enabling business agility at scale across an entire organization. Well known for its application to software development, it is now used in other domains at GE, 3M, Toyota, Maersk, British Petroleum, Tesla and other companies. A meeting which was influenced by the founders of Scrum created the Agile Manifesto. Sutherland is quoted as saying the "systems development process is an unpredictable and complicated process that can only roughly be described as an overall progression".